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  1. You need to have an idea about what you want to do. Put your thoughts down as bullet points, sketches, or photographs – just helps you in communicating your ideas more effectively.
  2. Filling in our questionnaire online when you contact us gives us a fair idea of your specific needs.
    Property Bag – it has plans of the existing house and site information. This can be ordered online from Council. Click this link to order your property file
  1. If you have the above, it makes our first meeting more effective and solution oriented. But don’t worry, when we first meet, we can advise you what’s else is going to be needed. We are here to help you get through the design and consent process quickly and efficiently.

We are new house and multi-unit design experts. We assess the feasibility from the time you start looking out for a suitable property. Expert opinion is taken before we share the draft plans with you online. This helps you understand your investment returns in the early stage of your project. We work with a dedicated team of over 40 consultants to take you through this complex process

All new builds, addition and alterations require a consent with a few exceptions. By law all exempt work must still meet the building code and other relevant legislation. If you are unsure about this, check

You need to start your building work within 12 months of receiving your building consent, or your consent will lapse.

If you need an extension, talk to your council before the 12 month timeframe is up. If the consent has lapsed and you still want to do the work, you will have to re-apply for a consent.

You have two years to complete your building work, starting from the day the consent is granted, unless you agree otherwise with your council.

Within the two years (or at the end of an agreed period), your council has to decide whether to grant a code compliance certificate or take another regulatory path.

The building consent authority must grant the consent if it is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the provisions of the Building Code will be met if the building work is completed in accordance with the plans and specifications. We put in a lot of effort upfront with Council before taking on a project to ensure that it will get a consent. If the consent is likely to be refused, we do not take up the job.

A building consent authority has 20 working days from the date the application for a building consent is received to decide whether to refuse or grant the application. A building consent authority may request more information about the application within 20 working days from the date the application is received. If a request is made, the 20-working-day period is suspended until the building consent authority receives this information.

You must include the relevant lodgement deposit with your building or resource consent application to cover initial application processing costs. If the actual cost is less than the deposit amount, we will refund the difference. If the actual cost exceeds the deposit amount, which happens in most cases, we will invoice you for the additional costs.

The fee is based on the project cost. See the details  here

Not surprisingly, this is probably the most common question. Unfortunately, it rarely has a simple answer. Every project is different in complexity and differs in the scope of our work.  Our fees are charged either on a per hour basis or on a fixed price per house. There is a minimum charge irrespective of the scope of work even for small projects. This starts from $6000+gst onwards.

Building sustainably is about using practices and systems that lessen impact on the environment, lower running costs and make homes healthy, accessible and comfortable. It includes energy efficiency, the move to a net zero-carbon economy and building resilience against hazards such as earthquakes, storms and flooding. We work with consultants who can help with this.

ADNZ (INC) . is the national professional body that represents a proud community of design professionals who share a passion for architecture and creating a better-built environment for all New Zealanders. They leadership, support, comradery, education, advice and advocacy to 700 plus members. This ongoing support is vital for us to supply you, the consumer, with the great service that we do.

If you want to undertake a building project then check that the designer you are using is either licensed, or a registered architect or a chartered professional engineer. We are a licensed Building Practitioner since May 2007 giving you peace of mind of dealing with the right professional. LBPs are building practitioners who have been assessed as competent to carry out building work essential to the structure or weathertightness of residential buildings.

The Licensed Building Practitioner logo confirms for consumers that the building practitioners they are engaging have been assessed as technically competent in their licensed field.